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How to Find The Best Photo Scanner – What to Look For

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Are you looking to buy a new photo scanner? If so, this article is definitely for you. We will start by comparing standard scanners to photo scanners. We will then take a look at some features to keep an eye out for. Then we will look and the major makes of photo scanners.

Regular Scanners vs Picture Scanners

First things first, you must decide what type of scanner you need. For example, are you looking for a general multipurpose scanner which can scan anything? Or are you looking more for an actual photo scanner, designed specifically for the task of scanning photo films and negatives? Or maybe you want something that is in between the two?

There is a lot to be said for having a general multipurpose scanner, because you can use it for scanning any kind of document. However, with a dedicated photo scanner, you will get a machine that is perfectly suited to getting the best out of your photographs, with excellent image resolution, highly sensitive color, slide and photo negative holders, as well as many other photography-specific features and functions.

Features of a Decent Photograph Scanner

There are a whole host of features that your photo scanner may come with, but here are some important ones to be on the look out for:

  • Film & Transparency Scanning: is it made specifically for scanning non-digital photographic media? Check whether it is able to scan your medium of choice, whether it be film or transparancies.

  • Resolution: a good high resolution scanner is the the Canon CanoScan 9000F. This has 9600 x 9600 color resolution along with a 48-bit color depth and over 281 trillion colors.

  • Photo Restoration: if the photos you are scanning are quite old, it’s great to be able to quickly retouch any blemishes or scratches as you go.

  • Software: once you’ve scanned in your photos, you want to be able to view and edit them on your computer, so it’s useful if the scanner comes with some good photo editing software.

The Number 1 Photography Scanner Makes & Their Product Ranges

Of course, there are many brands out there that make scanners, but here are the main photo scanner brands:

  • SVP: $39-$170. A big collection of dedicated photography film scanners at exceptionally reasonable prices.

  • Epson: $100-$2,500. A good collection of products spread across a very wide price range.

  • Pacific Image Electronics: $60-$500. A small selection of dedicated photo film scanners.

  • Nikon: $200-$6,000. A small collection of dedicated photo film scanners, spread across a particularly wide price range.

  • HP: $38-$178. A small range of scanners at great prices.

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