Thursday, December 14

Starting From an Existing Report

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Once you have a few reports designed it may be easier to use them as* tem­plates rather than starting from scratch with a Blank Report or a Report Expert. Sometimes you will need to start off fresh, but other times you can save time and energy by using past work.

In the Welcome dialog box, you can select Open an Existing Report, and choose from the list of reports recently designed or the More Files option if you do not see the report you want. After opening the report you want to use as a template, be sure to immediately rename the report by clicking File, Save As and entering a new name for the report. This way you won’t inadvertently make and save changes to the original report. After renaming the report, there start making any changes.

From the Open dialog box, you have a few new chokes for selecting the report you want to open. After selecting the report you want to open, toolbar buttons on the upper-right corner allow you to see the first page preview of the report and to view the document properties of that report. In order for either of these features to work you must have entered document properties under File, Summary Info when designing the report, and also selected the Save Preview Picture check box on the bottom of the Document Properties dialog box. The report pre­view Is small, but the document properties can be useful to help you decipher what each particular report is about.


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