Friday, December 15

Previewing Your Report

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To collect data from your database and preview your report, you have sev­eral options. Click the Preview toolbar button, or click Eye, Print Preview, to preview your report. Selecting File, Preview Sample opens the preview sample dialog box in which you are able to specify how many records you want to collect to preview. All of these actions open the Preview tab in the Crystal Report Designer. The Preview tab collects data from your database for your .report and formats it according to the instructions you have given on the Design tab.

SCR holds the data collected for the Preview tab in memory while you work on your report, even if you have not saved the report yet. This way-if you toggle between the Design and Preview tabs many times, the report doesn’t have to refresh data from the database every time you preview; instead, the report just works with the data it has already collected. To refresh the report, which forces the report to collect all data that meets the criteria set in the design tab, click the Refresh button in the standard toolbar or. Select Report,

Refresh Report Data. When you save the report, you have the option to save the data with the report or to save the Design tab instructions only.

Take a look to see how the elements in the Design tab translate to thevarious fields, objects^ and other report components you see on the Preview tab.


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