Monday, December 11

What Are Binaural Beats?

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What Are Binaural Beats?You may be asking yourself, where is the science behind all of this? Does it actually work? In one word, YES. Subsonic binaural stimulation occurs when two pure tones of near exact frequency are played simultaneously in each with complete separation. In other words, you MUST be using headphones to achieve the effect. The result is a subsonic beating that is created by YOUR brain, and NOT the music. Here in lies the true power of sonic mood enhancement; depending on the resulting subsonic frequency created by the interacting binaural tones, you can alter specific brainwaves and guide the brain into various states of brainwave activity.

Brainwave Synchronization

The use of our sonically enhanced Binaural CD’s and MP3’s will influence functions of the brain ways other than those relating to hearing. The name of this phenomenon is frequency following response. When the user is exposed to frequencies closely match that of brainwaves, the brainwaves begin to synch themselves with the frequency of the stimulus. The frequencies of our brainwaves are below 40Hz, and there is no way to reproduce these sounds with ordinary speaker’s or headphones. This is where the use of Binaural Beats come in, allowing your mind to create the subsonic frequencies required to synchronize your brainwaves. Each of our Binaural doses targets a specific brainwave group, either the Alpha, Beta, Delta, or Theta waves will be entrained to the proper frequency, resulting in the desired effect.


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