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Configuring Mediamonkey With The Dashboard

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One of the coolest things on the net for tracking listening habits is the website.  Just about everything I listen to is scrobbled and/or tracked there.  The Desktop client is an awesome addition ‘cause it lets you tag, love, and otherwise interact with without having to have their site up all the time.  But after looking at the MediaMonkey forums and Twitter it has become really obvious that there’s not a really good, consolidated guide for implementing the scrobbler in such a way that it interacts with the Dashboard.  That needs to change.  And I mean to change it.

What you need

1.    MediaMonkey – Get the latest version from
2.    The Scrobbler App – Get the latest version from
3.    The Winamp Scrobbler App – We’ll get to that.
4.    A account – If you care enough to read this tutorial you probably already have one.

What you do not need

Chances are you’ll have tried and tried again to get this to work.  If that’s the case here’s some things you must remove:
1.     Your client/dashboard.  I know, I know.  The good news is that since all the data is held on the web it doesn’t matter.
2.    Any of the MediaMonkey native scrobbler modules.  You can uninstall these from “Tools > Extensions” menu.  For some reason these play merry hell on the whole process.

Step 1

Make sure that you do not have any remnants of your attempts to get the scrobbler working.  The client needs to be uninstalled.  All of the scripts and modules that reference (except the DJ – which works in a totally different fashion) need to be removed.  I know I just said this but it’s SUPER important.

Step 2

Install the Client.  

Choose your language.  Give it your user ID and password.

This is where it gets finicky.  The install is going to try and find all the music players you have on your machine.  You do NOT want to add any of them at this time.  Uncheck all of the default application options you are given.  It’s going to look something like this:


I have three other apps on my machine.  Which is why I have three options.  You’re mileage may vary.  But no matter what, here’s what you’re going to do:

Click Add

Select “Winamp”.
Browse to the directory where MediaMonkey is installed and open the file “MediaMonkey.exe”.

This will install a version of the scrobbler that DOESN’T work!  Why bother?  Well, in order for the client to work it has to think that you’ve installed at least one scrobbler.  I suppose you could just install one of the others…  But…  This works so bear with me.

Step 3

Download the file I have so kindly provided.  It DOES work.  It’s essentially an older version of the scrobbler (version to be exact).  I don’t know what version 2.1 did but it doesn’t seem to work with MediaMonkey.  You’ll find the file at the end of this article.  It’s entitled gen_wa2_scrobbler.dll.  So you’ll want to copy this file to your MediaMonkey plugins directory.  Yes.  You want to overwrite with the older file.  I promise.

That file is available here:

Step 4

Close the Client.  Yep.  Close it.  You’ll thank me later.

Step 5

Launch MediaMonkey.  This should also launch’s client automatically.

Step 6

Play a tune. Right click on the icon on your task bar.  Tag a tune.  Love a tune.  Bask in your success


This has worked on XP and Vista.  Feel free to send comment with hate mail if it doesn’t work for you.  I’ll happily help out.  I’m a huge fan of and MediaMonkey and I want everyone to be successful.

Oh, and you can friend me on  I’m “sizzly_one”.

Good times!


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