Monday, December 18

Pro -Abortion Movement

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      ”Pro – choice” advocates want to ensure that abortion rights continue, and they want to see them introduced in countries where abortion is still against the law. They argue that if a woman wishea a termination, the procedure should be routinely available on demand during the first three months of pregnancy. She may be counselled on alternatives, but the final choice should be hers. After the first three months it would be more difficult to have an abortion, but not impossible. Under slogans ”My Womb Belongs To Me” , campaigners say a woman’s right to control her own body cannot be denied. It is inhuman, they declare, to bar a woman from having an abortion, especially if the pregnancy results from incest or rape.

        In countries where a ban is in force, women sometimes travel abroad to countries where the procedure is legal. Their motivation is high because of the tremondous financial and social pressure thay may face by having a child out of wedlock. They may lose their jobs, or face ostracism in their local neighbourhood. For many teenagers, the fact that they must bear an unwanted baby because their first romance  ”got complicated” means ruining their chances of ever getting married, especially in strict Catholic communities.

        In western countries, one in five pregnancies ens in abortion, and the rate is rising steeply. AIDS campaigns for ”safer” or ”protected” sex by using condoms may decrease the rate. But many women have given up the pill due to fears of breast cancer, and changed to other, less reliable, forms of contraception. The figures indicate that it is an absolute nonsense to think that by declaring abortion illegal, it will cease to exist.


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