Wednesday, December 13

Omega – 3: The Heart Savers

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Omega-3 may help control manic depression and reduce your chance of developing breast cancer. An international study showed that people who ate more than 23 kilograms of seafood a year had lower rates of bipolar disorder.

Find Omega-3 Fatty Acid in:

Cold-water fish

Try salmon or tuna. Eat the bones in canned salmon to increase your calcium intake. Which fish to choose? Think SMASH with two T’s. That’s salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, herring, tuna and trout.

Get the most omega-3 by grinding flaxseed and storing it in the freezer. “Whole flaxseed lasts a long time, but once it’s ground, it’s unstable and can go rancid,” says Weaver.
Eat it now: stir flaxseed into yogurt or add to meat loaf.

Canola oil
Canola oil has more omega-3 than olive oil, and it contains vitamin E, which is linked to lowering your risk of heart disease.

These nuts pack protein and fibre along with omega-3 for a triple dose of nutrients.
Eat them now: have 1/4 cup (50 mL) of walnuts as a daily snack.
Omega-3 eggs
Choose from two types: omega-3 eggs in the shell, which come from chickens that eat flaxseed-packed feed, or real liquid carton eggs, which have added fish oil and contain less cholesterol.


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