Monday, December 18

Computer Accessories And Early Adopters

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Early adopter consumers are those who do not hesitate to purchase the latest and greatest gadget or accessory, once they appear in the market.

Early adopters are those who stand for hours in the lines in front of the Apple store, for example, waiting for it to open, in order to purchase the new iPod or the new iPad, at the very first moment they emerge to the world. Early adopters are motivated by their urge for excitements and their enthusiasm for gadgets and accessories.

Since the computer technology is rapidly changing, and engineers all over the world introduce innovation in many related fields of the information technology, the early adoption trend is most visible and significant. More than any other industry filed.

The first stage in any product in the market is field penetration and introduction. Marketing people make use of the early adopters to leverage the penetration of their product and to enhance its introduction to the market. The early adopters are those who tackle with the product infant weaknesses, paving the way for the later adopters that will then benefit from the modifications and improvements introduced to the product revisions. So, early adopters play a significance role in the very first stage of product life cycle, towards its maturity stage.

This role is of higher significance in industries that changes very rapidly, such as computers and their accessories. Early adopters do provide the “legitimacy” to later adopters to start using new and innovative accessories, without fear, and even with lower prices. The late adopters’ wave is the enormous consuming wave that makes the huge penetration and accepting of a product, and consequently yields high revenue.

Wendy Liebmana, Founder, CEO & Chief Shopper with WSL/Strategic retail has described this as follows: ~ In the past, a single fragrance had a life cycle of maybe six years, because people would stay loyal to a scent for longer period of time. The life cycle is much shorter now, especially with the younger consumers, who always want the latest product.

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