Wednesday, December 13

Two Popular Methods of Straightening Your Hair

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As a woman, we could never ask for more than straight, shiny, soft, and smooth hair. This is the reason why we are continuously looking for more ways to improve the way our hair looks. The increase in the demand of hair strengtheners pushed a lot of companies to develop their own set of products that will help women to have a more beautiful hair. This article will be showing you two of the most popular methods of straightening your hair, and hopefully, will help you decide what method is the right one for you.

Sodium hydroxide is said to be one of the best relaxers today. The presence of this substance in the product causes your hair to straighten after brushing. The result of this process is not permanent and would normally last for about 6 months. The 6 months timeframe is also the minimum time that you can undergo this process, because too much exposure to sodium hydroxide can damage your hair.

Ammonium thioglycolate is another well-known hair straightening ingredient. It is milder compared to sodium hydroxide and produces the same results, but costs a bit higher than the process using sodium hydroxide. Too much application of chemicals to your hair can cause severe damage, which is why this ingredient is advisable for people who have undergone different process that requires application of other chemicals to their hair such as hair coloring.

These are two of the most popular methods of hair straightening. Always remember that regardless of the method or product you choose, you need to seek professional help when applying such products. These methods require great skills and knowledge, and should not be done on your own. Improper use of such chemicals can cause permanent damage to your hair. It is always better to spend more money when it comes to hair care instead of suffering from permanently damaged hair.


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