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New Ways of Hair Loss Treatment

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Hair loss is the greatest worry for men and women. Beginning at the early age, it can destroy the looks and self-confidence of the individual.

People are more cautious about their hairs as it out-stands the personality of the individual. People are ever ready to try all possible hair loss treatments. By doing this they sometimes use the wrong products that may cause damage to hairs and make the condition even worse.

Hair loss is the loss of components of your body and an essentials ingredient of your personality. People are generally very much eager to treat for hair loss and often undergo wrong treatments without knowing the causes for hair loss. People frequently end-up using hair loss treatments that are not suitable for their particular problem.

Initially, hair loss was considered as incurable, but today there are many treatment options available for hair loss. Hair loss can be completely defeated. For the men and women those who choose to take a proactive approach in solving hair loss, following are 5 treatment options.

1. Minoxidil

2. Dutasteride

3. Finasteride (not for women)

4. Surgery (flaps and scalp reduction)

5. Hair transplant

The other treatments for hair loss include numerous anti-androgens for women prescribed by the Dermatologists.

Out of the above options, the hair transplants have the largest guarantee of replacing hair. Implanted hairs have 99-100 percent survival rate. Hair transplants are more effective in producing good results in the frontal and temporal regions as compared to minoxidil and finasteride.

Reasons for Hair Loss:

The reasons for hair loss are same in men and women. The main reasons for hair loss are as follows:

  • Stress

  • Ageing Factor

  • Chemical Imbalance in Body

  • Issues with scalp and Hair Producing system

Hair Loss Remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar :

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent treatment for stopping hair loss once it has started. It can be use by both men and women.

ACV produces an alkaline effect on the body and helps to maintain the pH level and chemical balance of the body.

Coal Tar:

Coal tar is another hair loss treatment known since many years. Thought the idea of applying coal-tar on your head is rather unsettling, the effects of it can be magical. It is used in shampoos and specialty hair products.

The other remedies for hair loss are

  • Natural remedies and Chemotherapy

  • Rogaine

  • Oral Treatment

Before selecting the treatment, you must realize that all cases of hair loss are not identical. It can be the outcome of extremely varied problems. Hence it is of extreme importance that the cause of hair loss be determined before starting the treatment for it.


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