Friday, December 15

Why Do I Have Adult Acne?

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You’re a grown person and you are still dealing with this skin condition. You’re not a teen anymore so why are you now dealing with adult acne? How did I end up in this situation?

Many people need to come to realize that blemishes are not age restrictive. This can happen at any time of your life and is caused by much more than the hormones that are shooting in our teenage years and everyone attributes acne to just that. Unfortunately, it is caused by so many more things. The good news is that you can control the factors involved.

There are over 50 million adults in just the United States who deal with acne. And most of them are women. But there are specific causes for adult acne:

1. Stress – I know that this has been the subject of many discussions but to me it’s fairly logical. It’s been proven that stress robs your body of vitamins. Vitamins combat viruses and bacteria. Acne is caused by bacteria out of control on your face and body. Therefore, stress can contribute to acne; maybe not directly. But if it’s directly or indirectly who cares? Just chill out.

2. Diet – Again, a diet rich in sugar, fast food and artificial preservatives is a leading cause of breakouts and flare-ups. First of all, we consume far too much food. We eat when we’re not even hungry. This can greatly contribute to adult acne. Why? Because our body’s first response is to digest food so it can use it as fuel. If it’s digesting food it doesn’t have the energy to fight bacteria and if you don’t give it fuel it can use, like fresh fruits and vegetables, it doesn’t do its job.

3. Hormones – Here it is again; that word. Yes whether you are a teen or an adult, an imbalance of hormones will cause this skin condition. And with numbers 1 and 2 out of whack and you have some serious hormonal issues about to happen. So get those two in control and this one will follow right behind.

4. Genes – Acne, especially the scarring type of acne can be hereditary.

Adult acne can be a nuisance, obviously. But what is good about it is that it is actually easier to control than teen acne. When you were younger, no matter what you did, those hormones were shooting and that’s the way it was. As an adult, if you follow the above suggestions your situation can come under control.


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