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Eight Tips to Make Your Family Harmonious And Green

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Harmonious family- can it be a reality? Or is it an ever elusive dream of the consumerist modern life? A harmonious family might have been possible in the last century, but now? Families that once looked sturdy are being swept off their foundations, their structures being ripped to shreds… Is there any hope of survival for the modern family?

One need not lose hope. There are families still harmonious, still united in its values and still enjoying the fruits of harmony. 

Protect the families from the devastating tsunami

As the monster storm tsunami hit large areas around the globe recently, the quality and durability of countless buildings were ultimately tested. Now another mysterious tsunami of another nature is wreaking havoc on the very foundation and structure of the age old institution of family. 

Advanced counties are more damaged

The pity is that the so called advanced countries are losing harmony in families forcing them to disastrous divisions and deadly divorce. But it is consoling that still the light in the lamps of so many families are illuminating the world with a hope of regaining peace and harmony in every family. 

Eight tips to build up family harmony

1) Communication gap

It is high time that we realize the importance of harmony in families. Modern humanity is building a High Tower of Babel to reach the tops  of heaven. But it has forgot the basic foundations of communication. Modern lifestyle has reduced the communication possibilities in family life. Television, videogames, etc. have occupied more of the time for communication possibilities. Make room for communication chances. Sit together and have free talks. It will relieve your tension and stress in life also.

2) Evaluate your family life

Evaluate your family life now and then as you go for a medical check up. Evaluate all the important aspects of your family life, work of individuals in the family, relationships, recreation, finances, family spirituality, and evaluate how healthy you are in each area.  If you are weak in an area that makes your family life at crossroads, seek to strengthen it. 

3) Develop a balanced life

Today man is chasing after money and prosperity vying with one another. Survival of the fittest has made life a tight competition snatching away the spirit of charity. Make your life more balanced. When your life is balanced, you will find it more amazing and how much more energy and joy you have.  Your life becomes less stressed and actually easier.  Most importantly, you can make the choice of life more meaningful as to where you want to spend your time and you can lead a strengthened and purposeful life.

4) Foster up the spiritual life of family

It is said that the family prays together stays together. Spiritual life is an important factor for an individual as well as a family. Do not ignore your spiritual person. Sitting together and prayer for the needs of your family nourishes the growth of your family. Assign some time and energy to find out about God, Who is actually looking for us.  Believe that He interacts in your life.

5) Share your problems

Do not build up problems. Simple and silly reasons are enough to create misunderstanding in the family and shatter family relationships. Discuss and come to agreeable conclusions. Just identifying the source of tension in the family can help to take steps to reduce the frictions of opinions..  When you reduce stress you will find that you naturally return to a better position of balance and harmony in your family life.

6) Enjoy the sweetness of sharing pains

Misunderstandings and difference of opinions may cause frictions in your family life. But they can be solved if you share them with a positive attitude. Never allow the pain of the problem destroy your family life. The pain it will cause you to lose an argument is far less than the pain of having unfinished business with a family member that keeps you apart from each other. and lead your family to utter failure.

7) Rest and recreation

Just as any person needs rest and recreation, your family also needs them. They can balance your families. 

Have in your mind to assign time to spend with your family members. Enjoy some sightseeing with your family. 

8) Develop the green virtues of life

All relationships take time, sacrifice, patience, love and respect and family life needs them more. Remember, no matter what happens in life, your family will always be there to support you. Work hard to build strong friendships with each of your family member convincing them that you live for them.


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