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Protect The Green Lungs of Our Blue Earth

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Global warming is creating problems in normal life which are increasing day by day with more and more dangers to every living being. Colder winters and warmer summers are causing heavy loss in human life. Failure of rains and climatic changes have brought our lives to a standstill. Deforestation is one of the main reasons for this great change.

The green lungs of the blue planet

Forests are the natural air purifiers of our blue planet, the earth. They occupy more than 30% of land on the earth. Forests absorb carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and supply us oxygen. They form the most productive ecosystem of this earth, providing immeasurable benefits to all living beings on this planet. The mind-boggling products of the forest range from paper and medicines to food and other resources.. They supply the vital energy for our lives.

Refuge of living beings

Forests are the places of inhabitation for more than two-third of our land species. They find protective canopies of forests as their basic needs for survival are fulfilled in the forests. 

Human selfishness destroying forests

Human beings, the supposed-guardians of nature, have been destroying forests for their selfish motives. Their interventions like logging, agriculture, power generation and tourism infrastructures have upset the normal balance of the ecosystem of the earth. In spite of all the precautions, deforestation of forests is growing more and more causing more serious threats to normal life.

Green lungs of our blue planet affected with TB

1) Deforestation of forests has caused poor rainfall since the forests play a vital role in cloud formation and rainfall. 

2) Cutting down of trees has seriously harmed the ecosystem. Unique species of trees that have been living for 3000 years have become extinct. 

3) Deforestation has caused soil exposure to the sun, wind and rain which has caused loss of vital nutrients of the soil leading to infertility. The harm to the ecosystem causes flood and draught.

4) Deforestation has a direct effect on the increasing level of carbon dioxide which is the major greenhouse gas responsible for the climatic changes.

5) Deforestation causes loss of moisture in the atmosphere. This leads to drier and warmer climate. 

6) Forests have been the medicine chest of nature and loss of forest area has reduced the availability of innumerable therapeutic properties. 

Clarion call of the UN

It is time to check deforestation and protect our planet from annihilation. The UN has announced the year 2011 to be observed as the International Year of Forests to protect the green lungs of the planet. Let the world open its eyes and pay heed to our Mother Earth, struggling to breathe.


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