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What Does The Comic Character Savita Bhabi Denote

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savita-bhabhi-comic-banned.jpgWhen Puneet Agarwal launched his comic character on the net, he perhaps could not have imagined that his character would be a runaway success and would begin to have a hold over the masses in the sub-continent. The fact is the culture of both Indians and Pakistanis is similar,as they both come from the same stock. Thus the cultural enviornment is governed by a rigid sex code. In such a scenerio, the males of this region have developed certain fetishes, that hold a special place in the dreams of the men of this region.

The comic character Savita bhabhi thus caters to the fantasy of the males of this region.’Bhabhi’ meaning sister-in-law or brothers wife is one of the central characters around which an Indian males fantasy revolves.The other is the family maid. This charater created by Puneet is a lady who is young and beautiful, yet has a modern outlook.She is married and when her husband is away to the office she indulges in her whims and fantasies that transport her to a world of love. She has encounters witha student, a plumber and the man next door. When her husband returns she is again the coy wife.

The popularity of this comic character is thus easy to understand as it touches a raw chord in the heart of the Sub-continent male. The popularity of this comic character has led it being translated into booklet form and also into other languages. All in all the site is harmless, though it does titilate. But it is not hard core porn and remans a comic character to which a lot men and boys in this part of world do relate to. Things have moved forward and hot south Indian actress Divya Dwivedi will play as  Savitha Bhabhi in a TV Serial. Abhigyan Jha is the creater and director of this TV Serial.divyaa-dwivedi-savitha-bhabhi.jpg


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