Wednesday, December 13

Adding Text Objects

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Text objects serve as mini word processors. A text object can be placed any­where on your report—in any section, any size you want, You can then type text into the object, such as a report title, a label for a summary field, or any other information you want to print on your report. To add text to a report:

1. Click the Text Object toolbar button found on the standard toolbar or Insert, Test Object.

2. The text object attaches to the pointer, acting just like it docs when inserting a database field. Move the pointer over the report and click once where you want to place the text object.

3. Once you place the text object, it appears with a shaded border and blinking insertion point, indicating the object is in Edit mode. You can now enter the text. For tills exercise, add a title to your report.

You can move tins text object anywhere you want on your report and make it as big as you want using the resizing handles. Keep in mind that the section in which you place the text object determines how many times and where it prints.

Adding Special Fields

Seagate Crystal Reports contains a selection of special fields that you can add to your report, such as Page Number and Print Date. These fields act like database fields and arc based on your computer’s settings.

1. Open the Field Explorer and expand the Special Fields section, or click Insert, Special Field. The Field Explorer lists all the special fields.

2. Add special fields as you add any other field: Click the field you want to add and drag it to your report, or click the Insert button. Remember that, different sections print at different points in the report, so place your special fields accordingly. For this exercise, place the Page Number special field in the right side of the Page Footer section.


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