Monday, December 18

Totaling And Subtotaling

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Adding totals to your reports can be as easy as a few clicks with your mouse. Totals add value to reports and give you information that may not be in your database. To insert a total or subtotal;

1. Click Insert, Summary or the Summary button from the standard toolbar to open the Insert Summary dialog box.

2. Select the field you want to summarize. If you had a field selected be­fore launching the Summary dialog box, SCR assumes that you want to that field.

3. Select the function you want performed from the first drop-down list. For this exercise, select the Count option.

4. Select the field you want to summarize in the second drop-down list. For this exercise, select the Order ID field.

5. If your report contains any groups, they appear in the third drop-down list. Select the group level for which you want to calculate a summary. For this exercise, leave this set to Group #1: Customer. Customer Name.

6. Repeat Scraps 2 through 4, selecting the Sum option in Step 2 and the Order Amount field in Step 3.

7. Click OK to close the dialog box. SCR inserts the summary fields on the report in the Group Footer section, right below the fields being summarized.

Adding Titles and Special Fields to the Report

Using the previous steps, you have created the body of your report, bur it. Would not be complete without a title, page numbers, and a date. SCR makes it easy to add this information to your report.


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