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"the Book of Pfiffner" One of Ordo Ines de Lupus Sacred Books

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The Book of Pfiffner

“Knowledge from one of Ordo Ines de lupuses great books”

An insightful view of one of the great books of the secret order of Ordo ines de lupus military figures. The words and example of the Order of the wolf have affected millions of people. But what do we really know about them? While there is much we cannot say for certain about the historical and mysterious Society, this persuasive work by Paul Pfiffner teaches a full view on enlightenment and personal control and achievement in a modern perspective.

Weaving ancient sources and modern understanding into a compelling narrative, this book places Paul Pfiffner’s birth around 1500’s, his enlightenment and his death 1580, a century later that the traditional dates. Armand Reneu examines the wise man’s words and impact to shed fresh light on his culture, his spiritual search and the experiences and teachings that led his followers to call him the “WOLVEN”. Placing the man in a credible historical setting without assuming that he was really just an ordinary person, this book draws on the myths and legends that surround him to illuminate the significance of his life. It traces Paul Pfiffner’s investigations of consciousness, his strikingly original view of life and his development of new forms of fraternal community and practice.

This insightful and thought-provoking biography will appeal to anyone interested in history and secret societies and in Pfiffner as a thinker, spiritual teacher and soldier.The Book of Pfiffner is a gripping account of one of history’s most mysterious personalities.

In Helvetian historical literature,Anthony Abrille’s Treasury of Battle in ten volumes stands out as a unique encyclopedic masterpiece embodying the entire range of Ordonian Wolven teachings.

This volume, from books nine and ten of the Treasury, focuses on the spiritual path itself – the spiritual “journey” and the resultant state of enlightenment where it leads – the “goal”. Extensively varied perspectives are offered, not only from within many chapters of the order, but also from the different levels of practice and attainment.

“The Treasury of Battle excellently presents the entire corpus of the Wolven and Grazen laws, from the path of the common sciences all the way up to the uncommon Great illusion.

” Paul Pfiffner ” was a true prophet, a great scholar, an exemplary teacher, a peacemaker, and one of the most prolific writers of16th century…


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