Monday, December 18

Sorting Records

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Having the ability to sort records makes your reports much more useful and easy to read. By sorting your records using the Record Sort Order dialog box, you can easily set the sort order for the fields on your report. To define the sort order:

1.       Open the Record Sort Order dialog box by either clicking the Sort Or­der toolbar button (found in the standard toolbar) or clicking Export, Sort Records.

Notice that SCR added Group Header and Group Footed side of the Details section, as well as a Group Name field Using these sections, you can print a name at the start of e; insert summary information after each group.

2.  The Record Sort Order dialog box lists all the available Report Fields on the left and the Sort Fields on the right. The group you • created in the last section appears here beaus’ grouping is a type of sorting.

3. Add a sort field by selecting a field in the Report Fields list and clicking Add to move the field over to the Sort Fields list. For this example, select the Order Date field. Now, within each Customer group, the or­ders will bow in date order.

4. Once you have: \field in the Sort Fields list, you can set the sort direc­tion by clicking Ascending or Descending.

5. Click OK to save your sort settings and exit the dialog box. You can have as many levels of sorting as you like on a report.


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