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Convert Wmv to Avi – The Super Simple Way

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I got video footage of my mom’s 75th birthday celebration using my miniDV camcorder. I saved the video in my notebook with the help of Windows Movie Maker. So now it’s in WMV format. Then I made a copy on a DVD-R, that i mailed to my cousin who resides in another country. She tried to look at the video clip using her Panasonic DVD player, but it was not playing. The DVD player just showed off a “disc error” indication. If you’ve got this experience, probably it is much needed that you just learn how to convert video clips, specially convert WMV to AVI.

Or else you may have saved videos in your Windows Mobile powered devices – Microsoft Zune, Xbox 360 System, and so on. – and then you would like to play these in your old Pioneer DVD player. After copying the files on storage disk, you figure out that the WMV data format is not compatible with your DVD player. Once more, a WMV to AVI conversion would be in order.

What is actually WMV, and why is it necessary to convert WMV to AVI? WMV or Windows Media Video is actually a video compression format formulated and controlled by Microsoft. It is a generic name for Microsoft’s video encoding solutions. Initially it had been designed for online streaming and downloading contents. Earlier editions were based on MPEG-4 Part 2 however the latest variant (WMV10) makes use of Microsoft’s own video encoding technologies instead. It is designed to be compatible with Windows Media for playback and file management capabilities. Microsoft claims that the most recent release of WMV provides greater compression ratio that MPEG-4. WMV is compatible with Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, MPlayer, The KMPlayer, Media Player Classic and VLC Media Player. For Mac users, it is a 3rd party Flip4Mac, that allows Mac users to experience WMV files with QuickTime. While Linux users can go with MPlayer and MEncoder for WMV playback.

However, many standalone DVD players, especially the older versions, don’t identify WMV. Presently, the more trusted file format is AVI. AVI is short for Audio Video Interleave. It is a container format created by Microsoft for Windows multimedia framework. But as compared to WMV and MPEG-4, AVI is a older data format which doesn’t have some features present in modern containers. Even so, it is still supported in Windows and well suited for DV. One good thing about AVI is usually that it could be created with no data compresion. The implication of this uncompressed AVI is that there’s no loss of quality from the input video clip to your saved file. Of course the outcome is an extremely large file size.

If you’d stop and think it over, you’ll come to the conclusion that technology is making life more complicated for us. Couldn’t the WMV been made in reverse compatible so it can still be identified by my old Pioneer DVD player and your not so current Panasonic unit? That will mean that it won’t be necessary to convert WMV to AVI. Probably this is what they mean by planned obsolescence. After a few years, our gadgets won’t be compatible with today’s technologies. This will make us to purchase the most up-to-date high tech devices. Yes, these may well be more feature-laden. But do we require all those features to start with? And what if our old devices are still very functional, just as my sister’s Pioneer machine and your Panasonic player? And this is done for the sake of corporate profits. So what can the regular buyer do? If we do not choose the upgraded device, our only recourse is to convert our WMV to AVI.

So as to convert WMV to AVI, we will require a WMV to AVI converter. The Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is made for this purpose. All we require is internet access to have a free download of the trial software. Once we get the installer, we could commence installation simply by using the guide. When the program is fully set up, we can start the program and conversion process will begin. Simply click on the “add” button on screen and find the WMV file (or files) we need to convert. For our purpose, the output is AVI. Note that multiple files can be converted simultaneously. Clicking on the “settings” button will allow basic video editing like cropping, trimming and adding subtitles. If all you are after is to convert wmv to avi, just click the “start” button and then the conversion process is started.

Now that we’ve wmv to avi converter, my sister can play the video clip of my mom’s birthday and you can enjoy those video clips in your old DVD player. This is technology at work.


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