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Browsing Field Data

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Many places in SCR afford yon the luxury of the Browse function. Browse allows you to browse a field of data from your database and see the actual data in that field. This is extremely useful to assist you in choosing fields from your database for a report. If you are not sure if a certain field is the one you want, for example the field name is code 1 and there is also a code 2, and you are not sure which one to use, but after you browse the field data and see the actual data, you recognize which one you want on the report. This browse function can be accessed through an icon button or right-clicking in many areas of SCR. Look for the Browse button on experts and dialog boxes, and when right-clicking.

Grouping Data on Your Report

Next, you may want to group the Data on your report to make it easier to read and more meaningful. If you do not group or sort your data, it appears on your report in the same order it was entered into your database. To create a group:

1. Click the insert Group toolbar button, or click Insert, Group. The In­sert Group dialog box opens

The Insert Group button Is found on the supplemental toolbar located by default across the bottom of the designer. To make this toolbar available If you do not see it, click View, Toolbars.

2. The first drop-down list allows you to select which field you want to base your group on. For this example, select die Customer Name field, from the Customer table, foi1 grouping, and specify ascending as the sort order for the group.

3. There are several options available here to help you specify your groups, create custom groups, create custom names for your groups, and other formatting options. Chapter 5 covers all these options. For this exercise, simply leave the options as they are and click OK to close the Insert Group dialog box.


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