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Why Foreign Currency Exchange Market is Unique?

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Foreign currency exchange market (also known as Forex, Fx or currency exchange) is a worldwide market that decides the currency value of global countries and allows to perform international currency exchange or trading. The trading centers across the world allow varied buyers and sellers to trade currencies 24 hours, except weekends.

With globalization and advancements in telecommunication, countries across the globe has increasingly became interdependent on each other, due to which requirement for exchanging goods and services between international boundaries occurs. Here is when foreign currency exchange comes in picture to assist the international trade by allowing swift international currency exchange.

As compare to stock market or other financial investment markets, foreign currency exchange is gigantic in nature and has following unique features :

1) International currency exchange is done in great volumes i.e. in trillions every day which makes foreign currency exchange the highly liquid market.

2) Foreign currency exchange market works 24 hours a day and only off on weekends. So no matter which place in the world the trader lives, the foreign currency exchange transactions can be performed.

3) Foreign currency exchange market has its presence in all the countries worldwide facilitating international currency exchange with any geographical limitations.

4) There are various factors such as country’s national income, bank savings, inflation, crises, etc. affects the currency rates of the country.

5) In Foreign currency exchange traders or brokers negotiate directly with one another having no central exchange or clearing house in between.

Foreign currency exchange trading involves worldwide banks, governments, multinational companies, financial institutes, trading corporations, and even individual currency speculators. To have knowledge on how the foreign currency exchange works is very essential not just for the large size companies but also for an individual who deals in a foreign country. The popularity of foreign currency exchange has increased significantly due to the quick earning opportunities obtained during rapidly fluctuating currency rates.

There are many scenarios where the understanding of foreign currency exchange can help an individual to make remarkable profit. For e.g. an individual stays in USA and want to send money to his family in India, in such cases if a person knows the right time to transfer money abroad, he can avail benefit from high currency conversion value. Airports, Banks, Foreign currency exchange companies and Money transfer companies provide foreign currency exchange and transfer money abroad services.

Foreign currency exchange companies are great source of getting trading knowledge and perform low cost transactions to transfer money abroad. These companies have online websites which provide good understanding; one can also take an account to practice Forex trading. Facilities like booking currency rate are available which enables a buyer to book the currency rate in advance and within 18 months they can buy the currency at booked rate. Such facility lets an individual to avail the benefit of low currency rates and earn high return on investments. Foreign currency exchange companies generally offers lower currency rates for buyers as compare to other dealers and there are no or very small brokerage charges levied making it the best place to commence foreign currency exchange transactions.

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