Thursday, December 14

House Cleaning Supplies And Procedures

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Vacuum Cleaner

Proper Use and Maintenance

  • It is used to eliminate loose soil and dust particles from carpet surface, upholstered furniture and even hard surfaces.

  • Dust bags must be emptied daily.

  • After using, roll back wire neatly on the back of the vacuum cleaner. Place it on one end of the trolley.

Floor Polisher

Proper Use and Maintenance

  • To be used in scrubbing, stripping and polishing hard floor surfaces and also vinyl wood parquet, etc.

  • Use the appropriate pad for scrubbing, stripping and polishing.

  • Give the wax on the floor enough time to dry before polishing.

Carpet Sweeper

Proper Use and Maintenance

  • Use to pick-up dirt and particles from the carpet.

  • Press the handle and push towards the dirt to vacuum – sweep the carpet.

Hydro-vacuum or Wet and Dry Vacuum

Proper Use and Maintenance

  • It is an all-purpose vacuum for dry and wet surfaces. It is used also for absorbing water in flooded or wet surfaces.

Carpet Extractor

Proper Use and Maintenance

  • It is designed for dry foam shampooing of carpets. It removes dirt that sticks to or penetrated into the carpet layers.

Room Boys Cart or Trolley

Proper Use and Maintenance

  • Used for stocking supplies and chemicals so as to make cleaning easier and faster.

  • Wash soiled linen and garbage canvass weekly.

  • Apply oil to the wheels to prevent rusting and removes strings or hair strands that maybe found on the wheel.


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