Wednesday, December 13

Inserting Fields Into Your Report

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The next step in creating a report from scratch involves placing database fields onto the report. To insert fields on your report, open the Field Explorer. You can use either click Insert Fields toolbar button, or click Insert, Database Field.

Click the plus sign next to the table name. This expands the list, showing the fields in the table available for your report. To add a field to your report:

1. Select the field yon want Co insert (into your report. (For this exercise, use the same fields as the report you designed using the Standard Re­port Expert: Order ID, Order Amount, and Order Date, all from the Orders Table.) Click the Insert button (at the top left of the Field Ex­plorer) or double-click the field name. The field attaches to the pointer.

2. Drag the field from the Field Explorer and drop it in the Details sec­tion of your report (see Figure 2-22). Once you insert a field into the Details section, n column heading automatically inserts into the Page Mender section.

3. Repeat the above steps to place the. Remaining fields on your report.; if.

You will notice that sometimes the field is quite large on your report. With the field selected, you can resize the field by dragging any of the four resizing handles. To resize a field:

1. Move the pointer over one of the resizing handles. The pointer changes to a double-headed arrow.

2. Drag the resizing handle to adjust the size of the field.


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