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How to Evaluate A Lead Provider When You Buy Leads

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Buying leads on a pay per lead program has become more attractive to companies today. Fierce competition among firms of the same industry has forced businesses to resort to buying leads rather than building their own lead generation department. The fast and accurate process of pay per appointment campaigns has helped business organizations to be at par with, even ahead of their rivals. More than that, partnering with a lead provider has rewarded them some golden opportunities like ample time on core competencies and shorter sales cycles. Furthermore, the soft economy that caused many companies to be apprehensive has also compelled organizations to seek the help of lead generation experts.
However, there is a catch. The effectiveness of pay per lead can only be achieved if the processes involved are properly done by the right lead provider. It makes sense, doesn’t it? You are expected to be critical in choosing the right one, because if you fail in this mission, a crucial part of your operations will be in jeopardy. In order to guide you on how to evaluate a lead provider, below are some useful tips:
•    Meet the team. Meeting the team who will manage the pay per lead program must be made in person. Set-up a scheduled meeting where both you and the lead provider’s management can discuss matters related to the campaign. It helps more to talk relevant campaign details personally than in a telephone conversation or email communication.
•    Make a site visit. Aside from meeting them, make a visit to a lead provider’s office. It will be better if you do this with little notice so that they will not be able to make special preparations that will hide the true office atmosphere. On your visit, keenly observe the people, the set-up and other resources such as the technology.
•    Ask for business proposal and assess it. See what the lead provider has to offer for you by asking for a business proposal. Seek the opinion of your sales and marketing team in assessing it.
•    Get to know their people. Aside from the people who will handle the project, give quality time in knowing the major players of the entire program. Getting to know their cold-callers and appointment setters gives you an impression of the kind of professionals who will perform two of the many lead generation functions. On the other hand, try calling a lead provider’s numbers and challenge the telemarketers by acting like you are a sales lead.
•    Check for hidden charges. I bet you would not like to enter into a contract with other fees and charges concealed aside from what have been discussed. So, seek for yourself a way to know if there is/are hidden cost/s associated.
•    Seek for an nth opinion. Previous clients and sales leads served by the lead provider can provide strong proofs of how well such telemarketing firm performs. Ask for their opinion and confirm any good or bad side of the lead provider.
Signing yourself up in buying leads through pay per lead is just one of the many steps to a successful lead generation project. A step higher requires you to carefully evaluate lead providers in order to find the best one for your company.


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