Friday, December 15

Diversify Your Online Blogging Business

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If you write articles online for money, you know that relying on only one source of income is like putting all your eggs in one basket. While some websites and incentive programs may be more rewarding than others, it is still better to diversify your blogging portfolio. Since the online blogging business is a relatively new concept, many of the reward programs and blogging platforms are unstable. They can disappear at any time and you stand the chance to lose all of your earnings. However, if you diversify your portfolio and work with a wide variety of blogging platforms and reward programs, you stand a better chance of making blogging your permanent home based business. Steady income flow is really the goal.

For instance, I write for Bukisa and also hold accounts with Triond, Hubpages, and a few other blogging platforms. My accounts are connected to Google Adsense for the most part, however, I will also say that I am compensated per article and per unique visitor. You may consider using reward programs like Kontera and Chitika as well.

If you hold a full time job, do not forget to keep writing. Working forty hours per week is tough. Free time is limited. However, keep your dream alive and keep writing all the way to the bank.


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