Sunday, December 17

Websites: Linking Them Together

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Getting organized is the key.  It simply isn’t enough to have just random pages linked together in hopes that someone will click on it order to go to your site.  It is good however to ensure that all of your pages are linked together in some fashion.  Think of it as a family tree.  The question is how we can properly plan for this.  It will be well worth your while to do it in two basic phases.  The phases two are the present and the future.

Let’s begin with the present phrase. The first step is to create an excel spreadsheet.  In this spread sheet you need to list all of you sites that you are on.  These sites can include your blog sites, youtube, homepages and ecommerce.  Essentially list the pages you are trying get people to visit.  Make this into a geometric or in shape of a circle.  The next step is to draw arrows to show which sites are linked to what.  After this is done take a look at it and then ask yourself if it makes sense.  Does it?  If you feel they don’t make sense then you may want to think about changing some of your links.

The next phase of course is the future. If you are designing pages that you will publish in the future or are signing up for sites that you maybe monetizing on then try and organize them.  Take these pages and again create your excel spreadsheet and determine how you are going to link them up to your other sites.  Put in your pages links or back links into other pages that you feel are related.  Think of it as a “For more information click here” type thing. 

The other thing to keep in mind is this.  If you are branching out into different types of web pages that have nothing at all to do with your other pages then you can arrange some way of ensuring all your pages are linked together. This all may seem a large task at first but in reality it isn’t.  This is something that will very well be worth your time. 

Have fun!


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