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Oxygen Bars – Oxygen Booster

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Oxygen bars are establishments which sell oxygen for recreational use. Flavored scents maybe added to enhance the experience. Flavors can come from the bubbling oxygen through bottles. The oxygen bars are used either for food grade particles or aroma oils to produce scents.

The first official oxygen bar names as the O2 spa bar was opened in Toronto, Canada in the year 1996. Oxygen bars continued in North America in the late 1990’s. It is mostly used in areas in America like in California, New York, and Las Vegas. Customers will not only enjoy drinking beers in these bars but at the same time they will have great time breathing commercialized oxygen. Oxygen bars has been developed and found in several other venues such as in salons, spas, restaurants, night clubs, bars, casinos and health clubs.

Oxygen costs about a dollar per minute of inhalation. The customer inhales and savors an increased level of oxygen compared to the normal atmospheric content of 21 percent oxygen. The oxygen is produced by an industrial machine called oxygen concentrator and it is inhaled through the nasal cannula. The oxygen machine that is used by these bars is way different than the oxygen machine found in common hospitals. One thing that is common to both is the use of a cannula which is the rubber tube apparatus that fits around the ears and is inserted in the nostrils.

Recent studies show the good effects of this practice. It is said to be safe and beneficial to physiologic health and well-being. This includes strengthening of the immune system, improving oxygen concentration, evident in pulse oximeter readings. It is wise to acquire a pulse oximeter device in order to check oxygen concentrations.

However, having a higher oxygen fraction in the lungs serve no purpose and can be detrimental since the human body is only adapted to 21 percent oxygen. Individuals with respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and asthma should not take too much oxygen. Too much oxygen may results to oxygen toxicity which can lead to irreversible lung damage. Oxygen bar should have proper maintenance of the oxygen equipment since some oxygen concentrators use clay filters which cause micro organism growth adding another treat to health.

Oxygen is an essential element to all people. Its form may be natural or commercial, but what matter most is for the human beings to survive in the long run.

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