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Google 3d Maps For Android 3.0 Smartphones

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Chapter Team platform Google Android Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin), speaking at a conference D: Dive Into Mobile in San Francisco, spoke about the next version of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and shows the updated mapping application for mobile devices with three-dimensional models of buildings, told CNET .
Optimization for the Tablet
To demonstrate the preliminary release of Android 3.0 used a prototype Tablet PC, not smartphone. This indicates that Google has seriously got down to optimize its platform to run on the tablets. Although now many of these products work on the basis of Android 2.2, Google’s representatives have repeatedly stated that this OS is not very suitable for tablets, and full operation of all programs and services (including Internet-store applications Android Market) is not guaranteed.

Tablet Motorola, which Rubin used to demonstrate the preliminary version of Android 3.0, equipped with dual-core processor and, unlike Apple iPad, supports video chat, wrote tehnoblog Engadget . According to Rubin, Android 3.0 will be released during 2011, around the same time with the tablet Motorola.
Gingerbread is ready
The current version of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) was officially launched on Monday . The first device on a platform of Android 2.3 has a smartphone Nexus S, released under the name Google. Sales of this device in the United States will begin on December 16, the price is 529 dollars. Will also be offered option for $ 199 with a two-year contract operator T-Mobile. According to the company Samsung , which makes for Google smartphone Nexus S, the appearance of this unit in the Russian market is expected in February 2011.

Upgrading to Android 2.3 should appear, and for some existing devices, even though some of the new system functions, such as technology support NFC (Near Field Communication, allowing to make contactless payments for goods and services by phone) requires appropriate chip on older devices will not be supported . In Google Nexus S such chip is provided (used solution from NXP ), so the smartphone can be used for contactless payment products and services in those regions where the NFC-deployed services (in Russia now working only test projects to pay for transportation services).

Android as a gaming platform

Engadget writes that development tools for Android 2.3 provide guidance on the availability of advanced gaming features, in particular, includes support for extra buttons needed for a comfortable game. This may serve as indirect evidence in favor of the emergence of Android-smartphone for gamers . According to unofficial information, on a similar apparatus – Zeus Z1 – works, in particular, the company Sony Ericsson. Outwardly, it resembles a portable console Sony PSP Go, but instead of an analog joystick on the sliding game controller is a small touchpad.
Three-dimensional maps of Google Maps

To show the possibilities of Android 3.0, and tablet Motorola Andy Rubin has used an updated version of Google Maps mapping application 5 for mobile devices, reports TechCrunch . Application has received a new mechanism for displaying three-dimensional models of buildings on the map. In addition, the program provides a smoother map zooming, allows it to rotate and change the angle of view.
Previous versions of Google Maps for mobile users called criticism mainly because of the need to download large volumes of data from the Internet. According to Rubin, the new version of the application will require about 100 times less traffic because you are not ready loaded image map section, but the vector data, which they describe mathematically. Based on this information alone application builds a map the target area, using the computational resources of the client device. This will enable the program in the offline mode – all the necessary data on a map may be preloaded in the phone memory.

Google Maps 5 uses an electronic compass built into most modern smartphones. Due to this, the map display can be deployed in accordance with the current orientation of the device relative to the cardinal.
Google notes that the new version of the map application for mobile devices will run on most Android-smartphone released in recent years. Engadget gives a list of devices that will support all innovations Google Maps 5, the Motorola Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X, HTC Evo and G2, Samsung Galaxy S, as well as presented on Monday, Google Nexus S . According to Rubin, the updated mobile Google Maps application will appear in the Android Market several days later.

This year’s Android has already become the most popular platform for buyers of smartphones in the U.S. and Asia, according to data research company Nielsen and Gfk, and in 2011, according to IDC, the system should come out on top in Western Europe . According to analysts Canalys, Android in the third quarter of this year was the second most popular platform for smartphones in the world, ahead of Apple, and second only to losing their positions Symbian.


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