Tuesday, December 12

Redecorate a Bathroom on a Budget

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1. ADD A FRESH COAT OF PAINT. The easiest and cheapest way to change the look of any room is to add a coat of paint to the walls and ceiling. The bathroom is no different. Change up the color scheme and if the cabinet wood or windowsills are worn, sand them down and either restain or paint them too.

2. STENCIL OR WALL STICKERS. Adding a simple stencil (if you are artistically inclined) or some interesting wall stickers to the bathroom walls will also add an exciting new look to an old, tired bathroom.

3. CHANGE LIGHT FIXTURES.Another great way to update any bathroom on the cheap is to purchase modern or unique style light fixtures that are different than the old lights, and maybe with different lighting effects. Perhaps choose lights that are brighter or in a different hue, or ones that are more energy efficient.

4. REPLACE KNOBS ON CABINETS AND CLOSETS. If you had old gold knobs, try silver. If the knobs were black, try red cabinet knobs instead.

5. REPLACE SHOWER CURTAINS OR SHOWER DOOR. This is where the decorating can really start to make a huge difference. Create a brand new theme for the bathroom and purchase a shower curtain that accents (or contrasts with) the wall colors. Attractive shower curtains and hooks can be found at discount stores or at higher end stores on sale.

6. ADD BATHROOM ACCENTS AND ACCESSORIES. New towels, baskets to hold toiletries, waste bins, soap and toothbrush holders, bathroom mats, toilet seat covers, and even a new vanity mirror can all be added to update the bathroom and create a new personality in the space.


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