Monday, December 11

The Power to Control Stress

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Stress is a feeling or natural response to
situations that we encounter in our daily
life. Every person has stress and is a normal
part of life that can be controlled. Physical
and physiological problems can cause
stress. Too much stress is unhealthy and
can lead to serious illness if
not controlled or treated.

There are appropriate medical treatments
 for those with severe stress problems to
help relieve  their sufferings. But medications
doesn’t work for everybody and might
cause some side effects later in taking

Learn to acknowledge that you are in
stress, it is the first step to lessen its impact.
There are many ways of fighting or
controlling stress rather than taking pills
every day. Different alternative strategies
to do to lessen the negative consequences
that stress can bring.

Walking for long hours to relax and clear
your mind is one of the best ways to lessen
stress. It is the best exercise for your heart
and your mind. Walk out your frustrations,
anxiousness so that you’ll be able to deal
your problems when you return.

Listening to soft, relaxing music may ease
stress. Your mind is full of worries, such
as your family, job, relationship, money or illness.
Give your mind a break. Listen to the sounds of music.
Relaxation, meditation and deep breathing activate the
body’s relaxation response and will make you feel better.

At least once in a week go find a hobby
you like or maybe a hobby you’ve put off
for years. These simple change of mindset
can relieve stress. Other option to reduce
stress is to treat yourself to a body massage.
This will help your muscles to relax, aid
circulation, increase health and well being
thereby relieving stress.

Stress is part of our busy lives but you
must control your stress before it starts
to control you. The best antidote to stress
 is laughter so have time for fun. Medications
is not always the answer to beat stress
it is in your power to control stress.


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