Why Do Children Take Advantage of Their Parents?

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Our Children, the ones that live at home Children take advantage of their parents
and the ones that don’t…

Seriously, what is wrong with our children today?  Take, take, take, and no give, Want,
want, want, and no respect.

What makes them think world owes them?  Or we as parents owe them? All I want is a
little respect…from these needy and greedy children that are worldly.  

They can’t handle adulthood, blaming all that have crossed their path, even if we try
to treat them like adults, they still want to act like spoiled little brats.
This is inappropriate, uncomfortable, and unhealthy behavior.

Yes, it weighs heavy on our hearts, although we are the parents, does it mean it last
a life time? We continue to be parents but from a arms length…Our children need to grow-up and act like adults!

To rate in you life, and be in consideration, you must have to have tough love…
They are grown, they have their own lives, they need to live there own life. Although you should always be there for them, you are no longer in control of their lives, back off, allow them to make their own mistakes. So they can learn from them.  This is the only way they will learn life’s lessons, is to bump their head, and stumble and fall, so they can pick themselves up again.
When they learn to respect you, learn to really love you for you and not just what you can do for them.  They have to understand the real pain in life.  Knowing you won’t always be there to bail them out of trouble is the first step…
As parents we feel the need to be there for our children, they need to be able to stand on their own two feet, and we need to back off, it can be difficult at times.
Times are different today, then when some of us grew up, learning respect was a given, respect for our parents, elders, etc.
Times of change has caused our next generation to be users, takers, and not givers…they have no respect for themselves let alone any one else. This greedy behavior, only me attitude, only thinking about myself, sad, very

So if we are raising well adjusted children, the schools are full of bullies, life, movies, PSP, ipods, and influences from other children, but your rules for life on the back burner.
Not all children are alike, and it is all in all the way they are raised.  If you give them everything, they have nothing to work for, or look forward too…
Be the one to show them, to teach them, don’t give in, don’t think you owe them, which this is the time and age they will let you think that you do. Children of divorce, single mothers or fathers living paycheck to paycheck. NO Child support…
Another important point is your the parent and not the best friend, being the parent should be on the top of your list.  Okay we have a problem being a parent! We want to befriend our children, this doesn’t work, there are roles in life, parent and child. We simply forget and think it is okay to befriend our children, most probably think they could be your best friend.  But the roles in life have to be or there wouldn’t be roles…
Be there when questions are asked, you should be there when they need a kind word or a hug, or even the support of daily life. Your role of parent is important. Be there to listen, be there for support, be there to answer questions they have.
Breaking the habit of being a giver, or the enabler is hard…


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