Yahoo! Answer Fails #1

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When browsing the wretched hive of scum and villainy that can only be compared to Mos Eisley, I have always been overcome with an urge to analyse the intention of the questions. Yahoo! Answers question askers can be categorised into three groups:

1. The Trolls – This is the most common inhabitant of Y!A from asking “how babby is formed?” and “why does i have rash shape like virgin mary?” These range from disturbing, to moderately amusing to absolutely hilarious. But it’s generally the former rather than the latter.

2. The Idiots – This category can simply be described as Dr. Stupid or how I lost my faith in humanity and started hating everything. Within this category is also the “Desperate Fool” and the “Do my work for me” personalities. These make up the rest of Y!A with a few exceptions.

3. The Information Seeker – These are the brave few pioneers who use the website as it is intended. However like the early pioneers they’re doomed to fail until the area slowly becomes more civilized, however that’s just as unlikely as democracy being remembered as the best form of government 100 years from now (read: not likely) or the general success you get from fording the river in Oregon Trail.

But anyways let’s move on to three questions to start this series off.


Are you freaking kidding me? What are the Advantages to cyber bullying? In relation to whom exactly? Well let’s do a little list of 3.

For the Bully:
1. There’s probably an app for that

2. Ease of use and it can be done any time, you don’t even have to be near the victim

3. It allows for a greater social aspect of the bullying

For the Victim:
1. There’s probably an app for that too

2. You can integrate your “getting bullied time” with your “Farmville time”

3. Since bullies are generally barely literate I guess the effect would be slightly lessened over the net where there is no physical altercation.

But to the important question, is it a Troll or just Stupid?

Well I’m, actually going to say this asker is simply a complete Idiot, a literate one, but an idiot none the less.



I’ve been whistling?

Within the last 6 months I’ve been whistling lots, and I’ve noticed that I’ve started to come out in rash all over my body. Why is my whistling causing this rash and how do I stop it?

First of all, these kinds of completely irrelevant leaps of faith when it comes to cause and effect always irritate me to no end. But this seems far more like a brilliant troll. I mean, who doesn’t gain weight over bloody Christmas? I mean we already know this supposed asker consumes weed 2-3 times a week so there’s a good chance they’re stoned right now. This all leads me to believe that this is a brilliant but subtle troll that has just kind of failed to hit that magical place where things become truly funny.

Also “How do I lose those weed pounds?” there’s no magic answer to weight loss, or people wouldn’t be fat. Just bloody exercise.



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