Dreaming of The Garden And Leafing Through Seed Catalogs

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We are buried in snow, and here I am dreaming of the garden and looking through  Seed Catalogs. I recently discovered that there are many Seed companies that will ship you Free Seed Catalogs. So usually around this time of year I log on and start requesting my free catalogs. Thanks to the internet there are many companies that have moved their entire catalog online and you don’t even need to wait for the catalogs to arrive by mail. 

So as I sit looking out at the back yard covered in snow, I take paper and pen and start to sketch. Shrubs here, raised flower bed there, vegetable garden here. Then I get this great idea. Why not venture out into the snow and build trails and raised gardens in the snow, so that we can stand in the window and actually visuallize the finished summer garden.

The kids thought this was a great idea, so off we went, shovels in hand. After a few hours we had a wonderful creation. A beautiful snow garden.

Sometimes we get distracted and add things like igloos and snow forts, but the kids always imagine that these will be places to build Teepees and tree forts.  So there you have it. Snow, a few seed catalogs and the imagination can create wonderful things.

Have a wonderful February… summer will be here soon enough, enjoy the snow while you can.


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