Pass The Vicious Rumors Along…

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The person that repeats stories about other people, what do they get from passing rumors and gossip that have no worth?

These evil things call rumors and gossip can hurt others. Life is a puzzle enough without rumors and gossip, it is like a spreading a disease from one to another.

Just as bad as spreading gossip or the rumors is listening to them, but the avoidance of listening or repeating them becomes difficult, finding it normal to talk about others, or to listen about what others have to say.

Living off the pain and suffering of others as we forget they have feelings, also that they are our fellow human beings…

Seriously, life takes a toll on us, so why do we feel the need to live of stories, gossip, and the put downs of others?  This causes pain and suffering to innocent people, most of all it hurts the people in our lives, the people who have trusted you with their deepest darkest secrets.

When the rumors are passed on to others are you doing it to feel special, or number one in someone else’s book? It doesn’t work like that.

The words to each their own bringing pain to others shouldn’t be a part of life.  We all have faults that we can’t get a hold of; we think we can make ourselves better by belittling others, down talking, or starting rumors or gossiping about

How to stop, think before you speak, and stop listening to what other have to say if it includes rumors or gossip…



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