An Overview Of Bollywood Movies – Exciting Information About Bollywood That You Did Not Know

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It may interest you to know that Bollywood is name that refers to film industry in India. This is the industry where all kinds of Bollywood movies are released every year, ranging across a myriad genre of cinema. Bollywood is based in India, Mumbai and Maharashtra. More often than not, people use the term to refer collectively to Indian Cinema though in the real sense, it is just a part of the Indian cinema industry. Bollywood is notably the largest producer of films in India and among the world largest film production centers in the world.

These days, bollywood movies have started featuring the use of English in their dialogues which has helped in roping in more viewers. Another distinct quality of films that are made in Bollywood is the generous use of song and dance to take the story forward. To keep fans hooked, producers usually market and release the music albums of their movies a month or two in advance. The overall benefit runs across all kinds of movies and helps them take a sizable percentage of the movie industry which foreign films also hold.

What decides whether a movie a good?The trivial fact when watching a movie in a theater is that it should give you back your money’s worth. Taking into view the fact that bollywood movies feature a lot of sizzling entertainment, that is not an issue. You are sure to get a value for your money. However, a lot of times these movies do not make sense as they are ‘comedy’ or ‘action’ or ‘romantic’ in nature and are usually take offs of popular English movies.

As is common with all movies, most Hindi films are based around a distinct story and some of them can be quite dramatic.                                                                                     The methodology of creating a movie in bollywood is perhaps what makes this industry different from other film industries. First the director and the writer sit down and decide on the storyline and the script. In most cases, this is taken off, or ‘inspired’ from popular movies in the West or in the East. Then these characters and stories are translated to relate to the Indian life and a lot of song and dance is added to make the movie ‘entertaining’.

However, this is not true of all movies that are made. There are plenty of filmmakers in bollywood who like going on the path untrodden by others. Such movies are often labeled as ‘parallel cinema’ and have often have a cult following. Farhan Akhtar and Anurag Kashyap are two people who are known for their off beat yet highly successful films. However, there are large numbers of English speaking Indians in bollywood so keeping away the western influence of films can get a little difficult.

Another view which a lot of film enthusiasts hold against the Hollywood influence is that these movies often show the western style of living in a positive light and the Indian style quite negatively. This adversely affects youngsters to adopt western ways of thinking and makes them forget about their own culture.

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