Easy Apartment Recycling

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It doesn’t matter what recycling method your apartment community provides. Most communities work together to develop easy and successful recycling methods. Some approaches used effectively by other communities include hanging plastic baggies on out going doorway knobs to remind and encourage last-minute take-out checks.

Having these empty bags makes is easy to gather and carry cans, paper products, magazines and other recyclables that could be in your home or your car. Plastic recycle containers can be put by outgoing exits, which helps to encourage people leaving the building to place stuff in it.

Some people keep recycle bins in their pantries or under their basins.. out of view. These techniques help residents perform productive recycling programs. If your community is organized and co-operative, the group can contact a recycling company to make your community one of their stops. This can usually be arranged if it hasn’t been already.

For some groups, it’s advisable to have the building’s bins and containers taken to the recycling center a couple of times a month by residents that rotate on a schedule. This approach, while more organizationally dependent, can become a smoothly operating-system with cooperative people. Placing labeled plastic storage containers next to the dumpsters is an additional method to motivate your community to recycle. This way, the apartment group sees the possibility, and some will spontaneously participate. Signage and notices posted around the dumpster can also inform prospective contributors that there are other organized recyclers willing to work together.

Signage, consistent take-out, clean containers for transport, and simple reminders for community co-operative systems have already been used effectively by other recycling-supportive apartment dwelling residential areas.



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