Kidney Foundation Car Donation Benefits

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Kidney Foundation car donations are a good way to help out folks less fortunate than us. Donations have already helped 1000’s, but they desperately need more help. The National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Cars Program charity is like no other; you stand to get two major bonuses for your goodwill donation:

You get that good feeling of having accomplished something really useful – helping out folks with kidney disease, and you also may get a good tax deduction.

Why is a Kidney Foundation car donation superior to other car donation charities? On account of more than eighty-one cents out of every dollar will go directly to essential programs and services which includes:

* Early detection screenings and support for patients and families whose day-to-day lives have been seriously changed by kidney disease.

* Continuing training for health care professionals that helps ensure kidney patients get the most current treatment available.

* Kidney disease research.

* Community education that draws attention to the lack of donated kidneys.

* Patient advocacy programs to address patients’ needs through legislation.

What are the requirements for the vehicle to be donated?

1. The car or truck needs to be in one piece.

2. You must disclose any structural damage.

3. The overall condition and mileage has to be known.

4. Jot down the year, make, & model, as well as the Vehicle ID Number.

5. Have the title in your possession.

How is the Kidney Car Donation made?

a. Call in your donation to a National Kidney Foundation representative that can handle car donations (call and see).

b. Complete the online form to get started.

After calling in your donation or completing the online form, you will receive a packet in the mail that has the details about completing your donation. The National Kidney Foundation (or representative) must get your completed packet back before they will proceed with the vehicle pickup.

…You will then receive a letter that acknowledges your intent to make a charity car donation. This letter will include the vehicle info, including your car donation tax deduction documentation.

So commit to a Kidney Foundation car donation without delay. Your generosity and consideration is desperately needed and will be appreciated. Kidney disease is a serious health care problem. How many people today are affected? Over 356,000 American citizens depend on kidney dialysis equipment to keep them alive! Over 77,000 kidney disease sufferers are hoping for a miracle – a donated kidney which will mean life for them. But the following figure is shocking: Over 25 million American citizens have got chronic kidney disease (CKD) and that number is rising. As with any disease, early detection is ideal. But sadly, kidney disease symptoms frequently don’t appear until at least one kidney is malfunctioning.

Get your car donation tax deduction. Just click on your state at and make a Kidney Foundation car donation today.


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