Tip Displaying Google Adsense Ads on Blog In Indonesian Language

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For fellow netter who already have a google adsense account (GA) and confused with a script that placed in the Indonesian-language blogs, it turns out is a public service ads or no ads out altogether. Well, here I will discuss about how to display adsense ads on your blog in Indonesian language by not violate the rules of google because it uses the device of its own that is google google friend connect.


Many bloggers also featuring the GA at its site in Indonesian language to manipulatehis adsense script. But this way is very risky because it clearly violates the TOS / rules of the game “om” Google itself. Now what do I get the adsense ads could appear inIndonesian language blog but still it does not violate google TOS.

Here I will for the tips:

1. Create account google adsense (here I assume you all already have an account GA)

2. Open the address of Google Friend Connect and log in with your GA account

3. Furthermore, after you log in, and fill the website with your blog in Indonesian language for the purpose of earlier GA. Fill in the option language Web sitesautomatically.

4. Then, you find adsense tool on the left side of the page and click. Next you’ll be taken to the following pages:

At 1. associate adsense account, you click create account adsenseemailanda@xxx.com, then after verified, at 2. configure adsense unit you select thesize of the ad. There are two options there, you can choose one to suit your channel oryou can choose his own (choose size)., then the latter in the process of Google Friend Connect is in step 3. Create your html code click Create a code, then at the bottom will display html code to display the ad. Well this script then you should copy it to yourIndonesian language blog.

If all of the above is done properly, should have the adsense ads appear on your blog.


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