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The arrival of broadband internet connections for most computer users, allowed the entry of a richer media experience within the home PC experience. Download times dropped significantly allowing for more complex and hi-resolution graphics as well as flash components. If internet use follows the trend in other media, it will move towards more and more Website Video and away from printed text and graphics.  This is the general trend played out over the past 50 years. The higher emotional impact associated with visual media not only is effective for entertainment, but as a vehicle for advertising.

  Website Video has therefore become the newest form of entertainment and hi-leverage advertising on the internet. The monetization of this media has been difficult to realize for entertainment, however, for advertising, it has been a smoother transition. The appearance of “online commercials”  has brought video advertising dollars to the internet. As traditional forms of print advertising have declined, like yellow pages, newspaper, and direct mail, the number and age range of internet users continue to expand to both the elderly and the very young.  Whereas the internet was possible the secondary source of information about a particular topic it is now almost always the first line of research. Traditional media, considers direct response to be a visit to the company’s website instead of a phone call.

This wholesale movement to online solutions will only focus an increasing interest in Website Video.  Since there is no standard website design on the web, the presence of live streaming media has become an indicator of clarity and message for many companies. They are using streaming presentations to both entertain and borderless spokesperson footage to lead visitors through the website toward a logical next step.  It is important to keep in mind that this is no “cure-all” for a website. Since visitors are quite astute and experienced the content of the media needs to be relevant to the search keywords and the delivery and production values need to be of the highest standards. Since visitors are exposed everyday to the highest Hollywood production values, their expectations are very high and they consider this type of professionalism to be basic and necessary for credibility.

 Therefore, video can either raise your impact or doom your website to an assessment of mediocrity or amateurish attempt to appear larger than you are. High quality video is a feature that cannot be “faked” and when a spokesperson video has someone obviously reading a script, or lacking sincerity or skill, it is painfully obvious. So in order to succeed using Website Video, a company should make a significant investment to guarantee that the video that represents them to the world helps and does not hurt their image on the web.


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