Website Video Strategies For Marketing Results

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There are several approaches for getting visitors to take action in a website. These various methods are largely dependent upon the way the a site is constructed, the level of competition for the product or service, and the desired outcome for a visitor to the site. 

Some websites are essentially single page conversion machines, meant to respond to immediately to a visitors interest and convert that interest to a completed response form. These kind of single page conversions require very short Website Videos that do nothing more than confirm the visitors interest and immediately inform them what will happen when they complete the response form. As these pages are usually highly optimized for conversion to begin with, videos can often just add a few points to the conversion percentage.

 Most sites are constructed in the traditional brochure site method. They have pages like; Home, services, about, and contact. These sites are fine as a virtual brochure, but cannot be expected to turn web traffic into leads at percentages even approaching  1%. Website Video can rescue one of these sites by leading the prospect to action pages or pages with the most relevant information within seconds of their arrival. The goal in this strategy is to get them to complete a response form to become a lead quickly before their interest lessens, OR they get too much information and bounce from the site to compare that information with any other source.

 Some sites are entirely constructed to be distributors of information to the public in general or to existing customers or clients. In these sites, it is often desirable to move people from one page to another in a preset order. Videos can accomplish this while giving the site a warmer and friendlier feeling. It also can raise the image and credibility of the site if the videos use professional spokesperson and the highest quality standards in audio, video and scripting.

 In some cases, sites might be catering to a less literate population or even a non-English speaking crowd. In these cases, video can be used to present information and provide the most common actions in the site a easy to use button, which is the video itself. The request of “just click on me” spoken by a person on the site is nearly hypnotic for the visitor and calls upon their need to accomplish a task and their curiosity to find out what will happen after clicking.

 In general Website Video has become a powerful tool for the ever-present need to communicate quickly and compellingly to the largest audience possible.  It can be used in a wide range of internet applications and webpage strategies.


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