Website Video And The Web Sales Cycle

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The concept of a gravity well or sales funnel is not new in the sales world. It operates on the assumption that a consumer must be “warmed up” slowly to the concept of purchase. That it is best to ask a prospect to take small low-commitment steps towards purchase. Once a threshold of interest is reached, the sales message can shift to one of closing the sale, instead of increasing interest.

 This is the ideal selling vehicle in a crowded marketplace. Interest is used to drive a prospect only to a deeper step of information gathering, rather than to a sale. Once the prospects have invested a significant amount of time in researching the webpage, they have passed a point of “no return”. In other words, leaving the site and starting fresh in a new site will require much more time investment. It is this ‘gravity well” that is most effective for lead generation on the internet.

 The approach to construct such a gravity well site is different than most web designers use. There exists a surface level website over the deeper information filled website. In this approach, Website Video is often the most powerful method for giving the fasted, clearest, and most concise message about the service or product.  The video should play upon entry to the site and immediately mention the most likely keywords that brought the visitor to the site. This looks the visitor in the site and primes them for hearing the distilled version of the marketing statement.

 The Website Video must establish a quick statement of credibility and then let the visitor know the most likely next step in the site. This step should be in conjunction with the most likely desire of the visitor and not just where the company wants the visitor to go. We call this needs matching and it uses the visitors own momentum to get them as deep into the site as possible, as fast as possible. At these deeper stages, the general tone of the message can shift towards a closing of some kind. This can be asking the visitor to make contact, get a sample, join a membership in the site or even purchase something.

 Since internet searchers are overwhelmed with sites and information, the use of Website Video is the perfect vehicle to deliver high-impact superficial treatment of the unique selling proposition of any company online. If the video is clickable to the net action in the site, it works even better. It becomes both message and call to action combine.


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