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There is a new trend in websites specializing in lead conversion and ecommerce. Online business owners are beginning to use a Website Video spokesperson to connect with visitors and move them to take action. The use of rich media in websites has come about with the growing availability of high bandwidth internet connections for most internet users globally.

 The primary function of these “talking heads” is to confirm the visitor has arrived at a destination with relevant information about their search keywords. Then the Website Video spokesperson establishes credibility for the website with testimonial or other background information. The final step is to make a clear call to action for the visitor.

 The use of this web 2.0 technology has been around for about 8-10 years and there is quite a bit of data and case studies available to show that there is a clear and repeatable result from effectively using it.  Users can expect increased page visit length, increased number of pages visited, higher lead conversion, and possibly higher sales conversion for ecommerce sites.

 When comparing this type of service to any other website marketing feature (ie, blogs, twitter, facebook, forums, flash banners, virtual tours, etc), owners find that it is more measurable and direct in it’s effects.  BY asking for direct action from the visitor, it provides clarity to the experience and a impression of connection.

 Drawbacks are centered around something we can call the annoyance factor. This refers to the fact that online browsers do not want an intrusive experience, but instead would rather browse anonymously in websites. While this is a fairly pervasive opinion, it is not relevant to our marketing decisions as business owners. It is the same as TV commercials. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that they work to drive sales across virtually all businesses. It is also beyond a shadow of a doubt that TV viewers universally dislike viewing them. However they do not dislike them enough to stop watching TV. Likewise, internet visitors do not get so annoyed that they bounce from with this technology.

 The most important factor in keeping the viewer from bouncing due to annoyance, it the relevancy of the script and level of acting skill demonstrated.  Cliché riddled scripts and ad-speak are a fast indicator that nothing of value is going to be spoken and will unconsciously tell the view to stop paying attention to the message. 

 Therefore, scripting is the most critical element that leads to website results. By constructing content and delivery to mimic real human speech and communication, message will resonate with the viewer, connect and lead them to take action. Of course this, all of this starts to break down as the script length increases beyond 30 seconds.  By reducing the message to a half a minute, owners are forced to refine their marketing message and pick a reduced set of desired actions in the website. Because the owner now understands what they want to happen, the message is clearly delivered to the visitor in a powerful engaging medium as to what the visitor should do in the site. It is no surprise then that the performance of the website increase.


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