The Five Secrets For Website Video Success

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Use a content delivery network. Did you know that size of just one video file is larger than most client websites (all the files and images combined). So now they will be downloading something twice the size of their entire website right on the home page, and you think this won’t affect performance?  The only way to counter this problem is the use of a CDN, flash streaming media platform with co-localized servers all over the globe.


When you are looking to put Website Video on your page, acting talent is probably the most critical part of the decision. While business owners have a tendency to view these presentations as widgets or flashy gadgets on their sites, the opposite is actually true. It is just like the difference between what is on TV and the TV itself. Most of us are not really impressed with the technology of a TV, but what broadcast on the TV. The same is true for your site. Your visitors will not be impressed by the presence of a video, only the content and quality of the video.


If your script contains elements and phrases that the visitor EXPECTS to hear, then they will discount almost everything in the script. They will equate the message to a simple greeting and assume that no content of importance will presented. Therefore, the script has to be carefully written as if you had only seconds to grab someone’s attention and tell them your story in plain English; without jargon or hype.


You will NEVER find the perfect script for your Website Video on the first attempt. The use of viewing data combined with site analytics will provide you the information you need to re-write and and re-shoot till you maximize the results. It is precisely like a sales conversation. You need to adjust your pitch to match the listener, otherwise you will have NO LISTENERS.


The only measure of success is conversions of a page or lead generation goal. This requires that you have a goal in the first place. Decide what page you most want visitors to reach, or what action you wan t them to take and make sure to use the video to request just such an action. NEVER use a Website Video to just tell people about your company or site. Once you have grabbed their attention you are wasting money and potential to not call them to action.


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