Kitchen Wall Vinyl Decal Themes

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1. Cookware Obsession

What cook does not love new pots and pans, or that little strange gadget that is supposed to make meal preparation easier? After a bit of time the new cookware is thrust into a cupboard in favor of the old standard pots and pans and that gadget really did not make much of a difference. Instead of hiding all the shiny cookware away, mount a metal pan rack near the top of the wall. Hang that nearly brand new set of pots and pans on the rack. Paint a piece of peg board and hang the unique, strange kitchen gadgets out on display. This gives you more room in the cupboards and drawers and gives visitors something to talk about.

2. Country Style

A country kitchen usually means checkers and farm animals. Purchase towels and pot holders featuring geese, cows, chickens and even the kitchen cat. Mount a wide shelf on the wall and put a country collection of animal cookie jars on the shelf. Edge the shelf with lace or a black and white checkered ribbon. Screw in cup hooks on the bottom of the shelf and hang the coffee mugs up out of the cupboard. Below the coffee cups, hang the fancy, do-not-use pot holders, oven mitts and dish towels on the wall. Try to find pot holders and towels that match the cookie jars.

3. Sponge Design

Sometimes all it takes is an interesting paint design on the wall to liven up the kitchen decor. Either buy or make stencil cut-outs in the shape of animals, flowers or just about any design you wish. Next cut a kitchen sponge in half. Dip this in thinned acrylic paint. Hold the stencil up to the wall and dab the opening with the sponge. Make a border near the top of the wall, or go wild and print the image in random places along the wall. Once you are finished, throw away the used sponge and wash up with soap and water.


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