Designing From a Blank Report

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Designing a custom report gives you, the designer, freedom to use all of the functionality you saw in the Report Experts together in one report. By starting a report using the As a Blank Report option, you have control over everything from the start. The Report Experts walk you through tabs that assist you in . creating a report and, once on the Design tab, you can customize the report any; way that you like. When you start a report using the As a Blank Report option, you design your report from a blank Design tab. You must use commands found on menus and toolbars to create your entire report.

Some people like this Blank report option because they have complete flexibil­ity and control from the start over what goes where. Others find it more difficult to start from a blank Design tab because SCR docs not prompt for the basic elements of a report, and the designer has to remember to add them. In the next section, you will become familiar with how to design a report using the Blank report option, and then you can decide which way you like best.

Keep in mind that if you design a report using one of the Report Experts you can change oradd anything to the report on the Design tab using tin toolbars. You are able to start the report using an Expert and then customized ink it using the toolbars. My personal preference is to use a Blank report but the decision is yours.

In the next section, you’ll design the same report that you created using th Standard Report Expert but this time you’ll create it step-by-step from blank report. This way you can see how the two methods differ in process, y< result in the same data on the final report. The goal for this section, like the steps using the Standard Report Expert, is to get you familiar with the Crystal Report Designer and the basic elements of reports. Later chapters more thoroughly discuss the various features and functions.


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