Cheap Decorating Tips For a Young Boy's Sports Bedroom

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Most little boys love to play a variety of sports, making this theme a popular choice. Subtle additions to the room decor create the sporting theme without requiring a hefty investment. Pick the decorating ideas that fit your budget and desired outcome for the room, adding your own touches along the way.


A new coat of paint on the walls instantly gives the room a new look. A few gallons of paint offers an inexpensive investment for the room decor. Red or blue paint works well for the sporting theme. If you prefer lighter walls, choose white or tan as the base color. Red, blue and other preferred colors serve as accents. One option to add color to the walls is to paint a sports-themed mural. This might include paintings of sporting equipment, a scoreboard or an image of kids playing a particular sport. Vinyl wall stickers offer an alternative if you don’t want to paint a mural on the wall.


A sports-themed bedding set adds to the overall decoration of the bedroom. Look for a discontinued line of sports bedding to save on the budget. A more practical option is to choose a solid bedding set in a color that coordinates with the other accents in the room. A few sports-themed decorative pillows or throw blankets on top of the bed pull in the theme. A solid bedding setting offers versatility if you decide to change the theme of the room in the future.


Old sporting equipment works well as accents for the bedroom. Search through the garage for balls, hockey sticks, basketball nets, baseball bats and other sport items to incorporate in the design. Other places to find cheap items include garage sales, auctions or online sale sites such as Craigslist or eBay. Hang the items on the walls or create a display in a corner. Find creative uses for the items. For example, a hockey stick can double as a curtain rod. Inexpensive, framed sports prints add decoration to the walls. A ball rug, floor pillows or bean bag chairs add the theme to the floor, while offering a seating option in the room. Watch the clearance racks for discounted sports decor to use as accents in the room.


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