Republishing Your Articles on Expertscolumn For Extra Money

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Recently I came across another writing website called Expertscolumn. It is indeed a great website which allows you to republish your articles.

Here are the main features of Expertscolumn which will compel you to join it.

Revenue Sharing: Payment on per view basis

The writers at expertscolumn are eligible to earn a share of revenue on CPM basis. In simple words the more page views you get, the more money you make. Increasing your daily page views, is not a difficult task simply check my article on Making money online: How to increase you daily views.

Bonus for Referring Members:

When you refer other writers to expertscolumn you get paid 10% of the revenue earned by your referrals for lifetime.

Gift Rewards

From time to time, there are number of contests taking place to reward the writers who perform outrageously in these contests.

Minimum pay out is $5.00

The minimum pay out is just $5.00 and you get paid by paypal.

So without wasting your time any more, go ahead and register with Expertscolumn and start republishing your articles to make extra money.

To learn more about republishing your articles check:Republishing Articles, Websites Which Pay You For Previously Published Articles . Happy Republishing!


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