Important Facts For Those Taking Flights to Rio de Janeiro!

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Significant facts pertaining to a holiday in Rio de Janeiro has been stored in this article. This second largest capital city of Brazil has a lot to offer to its guests. The metropolis can never be disappointing as all those taking flights to Rio de Janeiro can certainly expect a lot to explore, be it the frolicking carnivals, the beautiful landscape or the beach culture.

This article provides significant facts for all who plan to board flights to Rio de Janeiro. It is the second largest Brazilian city. It is commonly referred as Rio or “Marvellous City”. It has been the capital of State of Rio de Janeiro for two centuries (1763 – 1815). It is the metropolitan and agglomeration area of South America. It is rated the 26th largest city in the world. It has been an independent nation from 1822 to 1960. It is famous for its beach culture, landmarks and annual carnivals that reckons the place and makes it the prime destination for holidays. It should be well kept in mind that it is the country’s major transportation hubs being second to Sao Paulo.

Those taking Rio de Janeiro flights will be pleased to know that the city has the second largest GDP in the country and 30th largest in the world. Major Brazilian companies like Pertobras and Vale have their headquarters situated here. Many universities and institutions are located here. The region is also a centre for development and research. The region is the most visited place and is known for its natural beauty, carnival celebrations, beaches and shopping destinations.

Those who wish to visit the region should book their tickets in advance so that they can avail the cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro. Sports lovers should not forget to visit the Maracana Stadium in the city. It is amongst the world’s largest football stadium. The metropolis will host some of the biggest sports events in the coming years namely FIFA World Cup Games in 2014 and Summer Olympics in 2016. The place holds many cultural events which are very interesting and worth experiencing.

This perfect destination for those taking flights to Rio de Janeiro enables one to witnesses some of the spectacular and beautiful sights. One of them is Pão de Açúcar which is Sugar Loaf mountains Brazil’s top landmark, with a two-stage aerial tramway to the top. These sugar loaf mountains look terrific at sunset. Then one can check out Jardim Botanico which is a popular botanical garden with a significant number of plants from all over the globe. It is both a park and a scientific laboratory. It has a wide range of museums which attracts foreign tourists. In addition to all theses it is dotted with many parks which should not be missed. Some of which are Parque do Flamengo Campo de Santana Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos and a lot more.

Umpteenth number of travellers from all around the globe book Rio de Janeiro flightsto witnesssome of the most important carnivals of the world such as Carmelitas”, “Suvaco de Cristo”, “Escravos da Mauá” or “Simpatia É Quase Amor”. It also hosts the country’s largest and most grand New Year celebration attracting millions of people from every corner of the world.


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