Panic Attack

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Panic attack is a sudden occurrence state of fear, accompanied by strong senses of impending danger. Sometimes there are physical symptoms such as palpitation, sweating and increased respiratory rate. Some people even describe episodes of panic fear as heart attack, loss of mind and disastrous feeling.

     Do you know this feeling? If the answer is yes, then this article will be just for you. Panic attack can surprise you at any moment and when this happens, you must be well prepared. In case that you have panic attacks quite often (several times a month) or frequently feel threatened, you may suffer from panic disorder. In this case you should seek medical help because the proper treatment will alleviate the condition.

     Some simple changes in your lifestyle can help you have good mental and physical health:

-You should eat balanced. Limit your sugar intake and increase the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains;

-Limit caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. Each of them increases the feeling of anxiety;

-Do physical exercises daily. Sport helps you to relieve the stress.

     If the change of lifestyle does not lead to the desired effect, in many cases the implementation of medication or/and psychotherapy are needed. Treatment of panic disorder usually involves a combination of specialist advice, medication and changes in lifestyle.

     Cognitive behavioral therapy-this type of psychotherapy (interesting, but little known fact is that the Danish term is psykoterapi) shows excellent results in fighting panic disorder. This therapy focuses on how the patient thinks, reasons and acts. Its main objective is to identify and change patterns of wrong thinking, which often cause unnecessary concern. The therapist will help you realize the following facts:

-Panic attack is almost a normal reaction to stress. It enhances your sense of fear and anxiety but in most cases it is not dangerous-panic attack will not cause a heart attack, respiratory arrest or collapse;

-Panic attack usually does not last long-the strong feeling of fear takes a few seconds;

-It will not make you lose control. In fact it is the opposite;

-During the attack, deal with the performance of simple tasks. Thus it is possible to reduce the severity of panic attack.

     Another effective method of cognitive behavioral therapy is exposure to factors that cause the attack:

-Stand up against your fears and overcome them;

-Take a deep breath. Stress leads to rapid and shallow breathing. This exhausts the reserves of oxygen in the body and increases muscle tension. These events can cause headaches, nervousness and occurrence of panic attack;

-Let your imagination work in your favor. Imagine that you are in a quiet place. Tense your senses in order to submerge in another atmosphere of blissful calm that will help you overcome your fears.

     The best alternative for treatment of panic disorder is the combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and proper medication.


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