Common to Being Human…

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Depression is one of the worst problems in the world today…

Who does it effect, everyone from the ones who have it to someone who has a love one dealing with it. Depression shows no favoritism it isn’t just a poor man’s disease.

Depression and the extent of it lie within the powers of mild to paralyzing.

So what is Depression? What causes it? Can a person overcome it, so they can live and function so it doesn’t bother them anymore?

Depression is caused by chemical or hormone imbalances.

Make no mistake, depression can be debilitating force in your life and can literally be hell on earth. Depression has robbed many from joy and has caused many to try to take their own lives, and many that actually have.

At time people reach for drugs and or alcohol for a vice, seriously it doesn’t help, really in most cases makes things worse.

Most describe depression has a black cloud, with no way out, gloom and doom can overcome you.  But until you have your blackest hour, hitting the bottom it will be hard to explain the pain to anyone.  This black cloud that makes everything seem hopeless is like having 100 pounds tied around your neck, and you drag it everywhere with you. You don’t have control over yourself and functions become laborious, you may feel like your suffocating. When you can’t see a way out the pain deepens. Sometimes you won’t want to leave you home, setting and staring.  

But is the answer really prescription drugs, legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, whatever is readily available. Prescription drugs leave false hope that take them, this false hope includes I will be better, feel better, and once for all I will have a better life.

Seriously people in my life of depression have told me simply get your mind off the problem at hand, take up a hobby etc. I am here to tell you it isn’t like that, climbing out of depression is a very hard road to travel, which you must travel alone, and which you must do on your own.  You are the one to help yourself; no one else can do it for you.

Joy is something that you must practice at, you should smile, stand up straight, stand tall and proud whether you feel like it or not, this isn’t a question to yourself as in do I feel good? You must pick yourself up; it is a long road, with many road blocks, many turns, and pot holes.

Be honest with yourself; don’t let the little things rent space in your brain.

You must think straight, stay away from illegal drugs and alcohol.  Do take your prescription for depression that
was given to you by the doctor.

Don’t judge the clouds by their color, if that black cloud continues to hang around shake it off with a smile.

This won’t be easy; actually nothing worthwhile is ever easy…



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